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Superblend 9 brings the best of superfoods to everyday life. Working five days a week can be tough. I find this supplement can be helpful with soreness and fatigue. 

Ryan L. - Fairfield CT

When I take Superblend 9 I feel clear minded, more focused, more vibrant and alive! A feeling of clean living. A great attitude in my day to day.

Rich A. - Bluffton SC

"I have found both the Reishi Mushroom and Bilberry Super-fruit supplement nicely enhance and may even replace my very expensive multivitamin. I appreciate the quality of these products, the 100% organic ingredients and their effects. Nine4Life works."

K. Young -Westport, CT

"Superblend 9 gives me extra energy but not jittery, feels very natural. My emotions feel more balanced. I highly recommend this supplement."

Juliet S. -Willow Grove, PA

"Superblend 9 gives me more energy. I feel stronger and relaxed."

Nor R. - Norwalk, CT

"Combining these supplements with lots of fruits and vegetables is the way to go."

Maria W.- Charlotte, NC

"Superblend 9 makes me feel lighter and more energetic."

Abdule H. - Fairfield, CT

"My body feels stronger when taking Superblend 9, I have less stress and feel more focused."

Paul W. - Brooklyn, NY

"I love Superblend 9 for anti-aging. I feel more energetic. It lessens my brain fog, keeps me regular and I don't feel as hungry as I use to."

Elaine K. - Trumbull, CT 

"Since starting SUPERBLEND 9 I have so much more energy, sleep better and have not needed any seasonal allergy medicine for the first time in years. I recommend this supplement to my friends and coworkers."

Lori R. -Fairfield CT