How do I boost my immune system

In todays world everyone is in such a rush to get to where they are going. You might be headed to work, school, the gym, a date or whatever you are doing. You sacrifice one thing after the other, maybe lack of sleep, not eating right or drinking enough water and too much stress. Your body becomes overloaded and you start to feel the symptoms of weakness which leads to catching a cold or something else.

You should be eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water, exercising, keeping your stress levels down and getting adequate sleep. Sometimes you don't have time to do all these things.

If you want to give your immune system a boost try adding a good Superfood Dietary supplement to your diet. SUPERBLEND 9 is a great addition because all the ingredients are antiinflammatory.

Check out this awesome article from Health line about antiinflammatory foods.

Superblend 9 contains the following: Spirulina, Ginger, Bilberries (Blueberries), Turmeric, Reishi Mushrooms, Wheatgrass,Raw Cacao (Chocolate), and Celtic Sea-salt.


Why eat locally grown organic food

The best thing you can do for your body is to eat locally grown organic food. Your body will love you for eating this way.

When you choose organically grown local crops you get the best nutritional value. Higher contents of antioxidants, phytonutrients, phytochemical’s and carotenoids.

These foods help keep your body super healthy because they come from the environment you live in. There is also less pesticides and chemicals and the food is fresher because it travels straight from the farms to the local grocery stores and then your dinner table.

Keep in mind that the organic crops you choose to eat should be grown in mineral rich healthy soil. Minerals are just as important as Vitamins. Also no GMOs.

GMO is a genetically modified organism. A plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology. Your body does not know how to process properly fake vegetables, fruits and meats. Eating all these processed foods can hurt your body over time.

Spring has finally arrived. The time has come to think about planting a vegetable garden. What a great time to start a garden. Imagine having freshly picked lettuce, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, eggplants, squash, swiss chard or any crop you choose to grow. Cheers to good health.

Why do I need Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is so important for your body. It is very important for people to get their daily dose of Vitamin B12.

1. Helps build healthy red blood cells.
2. Keeps your brain super healthy.
3. Helps Keep your bones, joints and nerves strong.
4. Gives you energy.
5. Great for a good mood.

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Why Is Diet Soda Bad For Me

1. Diet soda makes you hungrier.
2. Diet soda increases your chances of getting dementia.
3. Increases your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes.
4. You will not lose weight by drinking diet soda. Most likely you will gain weight.
5. Drinking two or more diet sodas on a daily basis can lead to a stroke. The chance is much higher for women then men.

If you want something with 0 calories drink water. Throw a piece of fruit in your water for natural flavor. It is only a few extra calories.

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Are Mushrooms Healthy

When I was a kid my mom told me that mushrooms have no nutritional value. I kept thinking this can’t be true. I did some research and found out that this was not true. Mushrooms are super healthy and there are so many different kinds. Some examples of healthy mushrooms are Portobello, Shiitake, Makati, Button, Chaga, Reishi and more.
In this article I would like to focus on the Immortal Mushroom called the Reishi Mushroom which is my favorite. Here are my top 10 reasons why you should eat Reishi everyday. 1. Best thing for anti-aging ever. 2. Heart healthy. 3. Helps fight against free radical stress that is harming your body. 4. Supports healthy immune system functions. 5. Anti-inflammatory. 6. Can help heal organs. 7. May help decrease allergy symptoms. 8. Has a cumulative effect (the longer you take it the better it is for you). 9. Improves stamina. 10. May decrease high blood pressure.
Here are 2 superfood supplements. One is called Superblend 9. The other is pure Reishi mushrooms.

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What can help you heal a cold faster… Ginger!!!

Ginger helps alleviate the symptoms of the cold and flu. When you eat this spicy yellow root it soothes your sore throat and lessens the pain in your throat. Ginger can help relieve and break a fever. If you are feeling nauseas or have an upset stomach ginger can help make you better. If you can’t stop coughing ginger can help you stop coughing. You can drink ginger tea or eat ginger candy. How about a ginger supplement. One of Superblend 9’s ingredients is ginger. Some other ways to eat ginger are soup, ice cream, smoothies and more. Here is a great article I cited about Ginger.

Eating chocolate everyday can be good for you

One of the best things you can do is add a little bit of chocolate to your diet. A dark chocolate square a day is a good amount. Make sure it is at least 70% cacao. If you don’t want to eat chocolate everyday. You can also find chocolate in Nine4Life's Superblend 9 which is a great way to get your daily dose of chocolate.

Chocolate is high in the antioxidant called flavonoids which are plant pigments that provides different health benefits.

Here is a list of great health benefits from eating chocolate. A great mood booster. Helps keep your brain healthy. May help lower your blood pressure. May help lower cholesterol. Can help you keep a healthy heart. Helps improve sexual pleasure. May help improve blood sugar levels. With all these great things chocolate does, eat some today.

Why do some people age differently

If you are curious why people age check this out. Have you ever seen a woman who looks 40 but you are shocked when you find out she is 60. Or you see the opposite when you come across a guy who looks 60 but in fact he is 40. The reason why there are people who differentiate in such drastic ways comes down to DNA and healthy life style.

Let’s first look at DNA: which is molecules needed that contain the instructions an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce.

Telomere: The end of a chromosome. Chromosomes are nucleic acids and proteins found in every cell which contain DNA. The ends of chromosomes are structures that are involved in the replication and stability of DNA molecules. A telomere is a length of DNA that is made up of a repeating sequence.

Telomeres get shorter each time a cell copies itself, but the important DNA stays intact. Eventually, telomeres get too short to do their job, causing our cells to age, stop functioning properly and may even die. Therefore, telomeres act as the aging clock, in every cell.

Now let’s take a look at healthy life style vs unhealthy life style which plays a huge part too. If you are a person who exercises regularly, eats a good healthy diet, maintains a good weight, gets adequate sleep, keeps their stress levels down (whether that be environmental, relationship or work stress.) This will help keep your telomeres longer which will help you live a younger and healthier life.

Now on the other hand if you eat a poor diet, don’t exercise, maintain an obese weight, don’t sleep that much, smoke, drink, or do drugs and are highly stressed you will most likely live an older and shorter life because your telomeres will shorten and you will damage your DNA.

Here is a great article from

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All natural dietary ingredients verses synthetic ingredients

The best dietary supplements contain all natural crushed whole food powders. No fillers and no synthetic ingredients. Get your antioxidants, vitamins and minerals the way Mother Earth intended.
Dietary supplements that contain synthetic ingredients are made in a laboratory by a scientist. The ingredients are extracted from a source that is not natural then they add chemicals to it. An example would be ascorbic acid (Lab made Vitamin C) which is usually made from fermented corn syrup.
Nine4Life products never contain any unnatural synthetic ingredients.
Check out this dietary supplement article from Health Line.