When was Nine4Life founded?

The company was founded in 2018 by Walter Friend. Walter is a board certified health coach and holistic health practitioner.

Why was Nine4Life founded?

Because high quality superfood supplements are very hard to find.

How often do I take Nine4Life supplements?

Take 1 to 2 capsules preferably with meals.

Are the ingredients in Nine4Life products organic?

Yes. All ingredients are organic.

Are Nine4Life products gluten free?


Do Nine4Life products contain any GMOs?

No they don't.

Do Nine4Life products contain any fillers or preservatives?

No they don't.

Does Nine4Life have free shipping?

Yes. Shipping is always free. Orders ship within 2 business days after placing an order within the US. We cannot ship internationally at this time.

What’s your return policy?

If not satisfied within 30 days return the remainder of any unused  product  for a full refund.

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