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"Balance Your Path."

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Nine4Life was founded by Walter Friend in 2018 in memory of his father Walter David Friend Sr. who passed away in 1988 of cancer.

When Walter was twenty years old (in 1990) he went with his family to a Juice Man Seminar. He watched an old man with amazing energy and who looked many years younger than he was push fruits and vegetables through a juicer. Luckily Walter got to drink some of the super healthy fruit & vegetable juice the man made. From that moment Walter got hooked on health.

Walter found out early in life that eating healthy and exercising was a passion and it simply made him feel great. He wanted to take his knowledge about health and wellness further so he began to do research and follow the spiritual practices of holistic doctors.

Eventually he went to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a Board certified health coach. After that, he became a board certified holistic health practitioner.

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Walter Friend
CEO & Founder

Board Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner

Walter Friend earned his college Certifications at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition which is a highly rated and accredited college.