Why do I have no Energy?

Every day I have no energy, and I don't know why? I'm tired when I wake up. I'm tired after I eat. I'm tired when I'm at work. I have no energy to play with my kids. I'm exhausted when I go to sleep. What is wrong with me?

The first thing I would do is look at what you are eating. Are you eating foods that drain your energy? Or are you eating energizing foods?

Twenty-Five Energizing Foods

1. Blueberries

2. Mushrooms

3. Spinach

4. Broccoli

5. Tomatoes

6. Kale

7. Chocolate

8. Chia Seeds

9. Wild Salmon

10. Seaweed

11. Quinoa

12. Oats

13. Celery

14. Cucumbers

15. Sweet Potatoes

16. Pumpkin Seeds

17. Apples

18. Garlic

19. Olive Oil

20. Papaya

21. Apricots

22. Squash

23. Parsley

24. Ginger

25. Turmeric

Twenty-Five Energy Draining Foods

1. Cupcakes

2. Cookies

3. Soda

4. Candy

5. Potato Chips

6. Pasta

7. Sweetened Cereal

8. Hydrogenated Oils

9. Hot Dogs

10. Bacon

11. Twinkies

12- Ice Cream

13. Alcohol

14. Donuts

15. Pizza

16. White Bread

17. Flour

18. Fried Foods

19. Red Meat

20 Pretzels

21. Pop Tarts

22. Sugar

23. Bagels

24. Hamburgers

25. Energy Drinks

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The next thing I would look at is how much water you are drinking. Drink half your body weight in water. For example: If you weigh 160 pounds, drink 80 ounces of water.

Make sure the water you drink is filtered. Don't drink contaminated water. Your city tap water can contain the following compounds: lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines, VOCS, MTBE, and cysts. Ingesting one or more of these chemicals can affect your health.

The third I would consider is your sleeping patterns. Are you getting quality sleep? Do you toss and turn all night? Do you wake up every few hours? Lack of sleep can affect your energy levels. One of the best things you can do is not eat anything two hours before bed, Your body needs time to finish digesting food and lessen acid reflux problems which may cause you to wake up more than once during the night.

The national sleep foundation recommends the following: How much sleep do we really need?

The last thing you should look at is your daily exercise. Lack of exercise can make you feel tired all the time. Exercise can energize, excite, invigorate, and motivate! You don't have to be a weight lifter, bicyclist, swimmer, or marathon runner to get some exercise. At least twenty minutes of exercise daily is all you need. Here are examples: walking, jumping jacks, yoga, aerobics, or pilates.


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