Why do I get muscle cramps all the time?

The average adult should consume at least 4700 mg of potassium per day. Most people don't realize that low potassium causes muscle cramping. To avoid muscle cramping try eating foods rich in potassium and drinking more water. Your cells, nerves, muscles, and heart depend on potassium to stay healthy. 

Your heart can stop if your potassium level becomes too low. 

If you don’t have the time to eat enough potassium-rich foods you should consider taking a dietary supplement. 

Nine4Life Supplements has a wonderful product called SuperBlend 9. This superfood supplement contains a good amount of potassium which your body will love.

SUPER BLEND 9 ingredients 

1. Reishi Mushrooms 

2. Raw Cacao  

3. Ginger Root 

4. European Blueberry (Bilberry) 

5. Turmeric 

6. Green Tea 

7. Spirulina  

8. Chia Seeds 

9. Wheatgrass  

Live better - live healthier - live longer

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