Why Eat Breakfast

Breakfast sets you up with energy to start your day. It depends on the origin of your energy. Not all food is created equal. 

High-sugar and fatty foods such as donuts will drain your energy immediately after you eat them. Donuts are high in sugar, fat and calories. During the digestion process, the body has to pump a lot of insulin to absorb all the sugar in a donut. You will feel a sugar rush followed by a crash in your energy level. You will also feel hungry for another donut or something sweet very soon. 

A healthy breakfast could be nuts, seeds and berries. The body uses less insulin during the digestion process to absorb these all-natural and low-fat foods. The digestion process happens slowly for foods like this. Also, you will feel an increased energy level to start your day. Seeds, nuts, and berries contain lots of fiber which makes you feel fuller. They also contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Here is a list of 25 energizing breakfast foods.

1. Blueberries

2. Oatmeal

3. Cage free eggs

4. Greek yogurt

5. Green Tea

6. Bananas

7. Apples

8. Coffee

9. Papaya

10. Avocados

11. Grapefruit

12. Strawberries 

13. Fuji berries

14. Almonds

15. Dark chocolate

16. Cottage cheese

17. Black beans

18. Kidney beans

19. Edamame 

20. Beets

21. Spinach

22. Kale chips

23. Cucumbers

24. Sardines

25. Wild salmon


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