What can I do to help me Breathe better?

It is unfortunate that some people have trouble breathing. Some of us might breathe shallow, can’t catch their breath or even gasp. It could be from allergies, you smoke or use to smoke, an accident or it could be from the polluted environment around you. 

I don’t know if you have heard this…what you eat can increase or decrease your breathing powers. Food and Water is essential for human survival and your lung health. 

Here is a list of superfoods to eat that might help you breathe better.  Note that superfoods 2 through 10 are available in our proprietary supplement SuperBlend 9.

1. Water 


2. Reishi mushrooms

3. Cacao 

4. Green tea 

5. Turmeric 

6. Spirulina

7. Ginger 

8. Wheatgrass 

9. Bilberry (European blueberry) 

10. Chia Seeds

11. Blueberries 

12. Tomatoes 

13. Beets 

14. Peppers 

15. Leafy greens 

16. Apples 

17. Olive oil 

18. Pineapples 

19. Beans 

20. Avocados 

Here is a list of foods you are eating that might be hurting your lungs. 

 1. Saturated fat 

2. Bread 

3. Soda and diet soda 

4. Fried foods 

5. Alcohol 

6. Processed meats (nitrates) 

7. Excessive salt 

8. Refined flower 

9. Candy 

10. Ice cream 

11. Donuts 

12. Cookies 

13. Cakes 

14. Pasta 

15. Eggplants 

16. Broccoli 

17. Sugar 

18. Dairy products 

19. Milk chocolate 

20. Potato chips 

Nine4Life: Live better, live healthier, live longer.

Here are 8 extra tips for healthy lungs. 

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