The Positive and Negative Sides of the Foods We Eat

It matters how an animal or plant grows through its cycle of life. An animal should have clean drinking water, be fed foods that are organic and raised with love. Then you eat this plant or animal and you gain all the nutrition and positive-ness from them which helps make you super healthy.

This is what happens when a plant or animal grows in an unhealthy environment. The animal drinks dirty water, fed artificial ingredients, ignored or even beaten.

Then you eat this animal or plant and get all its bad nutrition and negativity which overtime can lead to sickness and disease.

I know it is hard to find out how a plant or animal was raised because most of us get our food from the local grocery store.

This is what I would look for:

  • Fish: look for wild caught fish like salmon, not farm raised
  • Poultry: look for organic, natural, fresh, antibiotic free
  • Pork: look for pasture raised, hormone free, no GMOs
  • Beef: look for organic, grass fed
  • Vegetables: look for organic, no pesticides
  • Fruits: look for organic, no pesticides
  • Seeds: look for the USDA organic seal on the package
  • Nuts: look for the USDA organic seal on the package


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