Are Chia Seeds Healthy?

Yes. Chia seeds have health benefits. This seed may help support a healthy heart and strong bones, lower blood pressure, and balance blood sugar levels. 

The ancient Mayan and Aztec races ate chia seeds for strength and vitality. Both civilizations also used chia for religious rituals. 

Is weight loss one of your goals? Chia contains lots of fiber which helps your stomach feel full.

Chia seeds contain:  

Omega 3 fatty acids  


Vitamin B1  

Vitamin B2  







Nine4Life Supplements has a Superfood blend that contains ground chia seeds. It is called SUPERBLEND 9. You get all the nutrition of chia and eight other superfoods which include reishi mushroom, raw cacao, ginger root, bilberry (the European blueberry), turmeric, green tea, spirulina, and wheat-grass. 

If you have trouble sleeping you can also try SUPERBLEND 9 NIGHTTIME.


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