Get Rid of Headaches Naturally

We all get headaches. Your head hurts and you don’t know why. Your pain might be pounding, dull, tingling or throbbing. Your pain is most likely caused by stress, being dehydrated, nervousness, anxiousness, noise and more.

The first thing most people do is reach for the pain killers. Don’t do it! Long time use of pain killers will damage your stomach and mind.

Below is a list of my favorite all natural remedies that will help your headache disappear.

One of my best headache remedies is to gargle with healthy celtic sea-salt which contains an abundant amount of sea minerals. You need electrolytes and healthy salt will help put those back.

Eating some ginger can also help relieve headaches. Ginger contains gingererols and antioxidants. It is the king of anti-inflammatory which helps relieve stress and tension.

Turmeric can help heal a migraine headache.

Turmeric contains a compound called cur-cumin which helps fight inflammation.

The Reishi mushroom can also help heal a migraine headache. Reishi is an adaptogen which helps relieve stress and tension. The ancient Chinese used Reishi to help heal headaches for thousands of years.

Green tea can help relieve tension headaches. Green tea helps the nervous system work better and is anti-inflammatory.

Apple sauce can help alleviate headaches. It is easier to eat when you have a headache. No crunch! Apples contain lots of antioxidants.

Eat a banana. Bananas contain enough potassium to help your headache go by by.


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